My blog - sporadically updated.

I am a computer service, network technician and network administrator for several companies and organizations:, Hoopeston Area Schools, Hoopeston Public Library, and others.

Currentley I am a full time Graduate Student in the ITK department at Illinois State Univeristy.

My Work Home Page.

If you are having any type of computer problem please email me at

I have experience with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT 3.51, NT 4.0,2000 Pro, XP Pro, NT Server, 2000 server, and 2003 server in both Stand alone and Networked systems.

I also have a general knowledge of Macs.

My Computer: Shuttle SB75G2, Pent 4 3.0 800FSB, 2x512MB Mushkin Ram, 80GB WD SATA HDD, Geforce4Ti4200, LiteOn DVD +- Burner, Dell 20 FP LCD,

My File server AMD Athlon 1GHz running windows server 2003 - 3x80GB, 1x160,1x200GB, and 1x20GB

I also own, thanks to Lourdine, a Palm Pilot III. Works great with my computer.
The Palm III died, I had to buy a new one: I bought a Palm m505, Palm 505 depricated, now using a Tungsten T3 - I love it!

Cool things on my Palm Pilot: AvantGo Web reader (read things like NYT on your pilot), Dragon Bane (kills a lot of boring lectures for me), Documents to Go (view worksheets and docs on pilot).

Check Out Just The Facts on the web.

When I have time I like splatting people with my spyder.  Time, ya right basically that means never.  I hope that after I graduate in May I will be able to play some more.  Well I had hoped that graduation would yield more free time.  I was wrong.


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